A little bit about me

Globetrotter, lightstalker, wordsmith, … former researcher, geophysicist, adjunct college faculty, media producer – but what does it all mean?

In 2014, I needed a break. I was discouraged, burned out, and just bone deep tired. I wanted to change the path I was on but I couldn’t hang on and figure things out at the same time so I prepared to jump off the hurling train that was my life. It was the best thing I ever did and I’ve never looked back.

We want to be in the moment but standing still, physically, intellectually, emotionally, has become nearly impossible in a world that seems to spin ever faster by spewing such vast amounts of information at anyone who’s breathing, in a time frame that’s shorter than an atomic clock can account for. And yet, we have powerful remedies available that can ease the symptoms of toxic data syndrome if we just look up for a moment, shed our electromagnetic shackles and allow imagination and creativity to take the reins, if just for a moment, every once in a while.

We live in a world that contains so much natural beauty, countless parks, preserves, mountains, sanctuaries, forests, rivers, meadows, places that stop us in our tracks, deny any other thought, and encourage us to remember similar moments during which we experienced the same intense feeling of peace and oneness.

I grew up in Europe, and my favorite memories are the many hikes I went on with my grandparents in Austria’s mountains and later with my parents in Germany’s forests. Those were the days we left our worries behind and found peace and quiet in nature. We walked as a family, with no goal in mind other than enjoying every single moment and allowing every new impression to work itself into our conscience and settle down comfortably for future recollection. I guess I always craved the outdoors, possibly nourished by those childhood excursions, but not fully manifested until I set foot in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California for the very first time. I’d never backpacked before so this was me and the wild. Face to face.

Today, whenever I need to recharge and find inner peace and balance, I look for the outdoors. For me, there is nothing more calming and at the same time invigorating than hiking or kayaking or diving through one of nature’s unspoiled places. I followed my passion for the Earth and its natural processes by studying geophysics and earth science. I worked in research and education for nearly 20 years. During that time, I continued to travel, explore, photograph and write about anything that inspired me and felt important enough to share with friends and family. So this blog is an expression of my passion for exploring the natural world, creating lasting memories, and helping others to find purpose and meaning in their own lives.


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