Hi, I’m Carmen “Mica” Alex and this is my blog about traveling, life and anything else that’s interesting or useful.

I’m a scientist, a writer, a photographer, and a nature addict with a travel problem. Our planet holds so many exciting destinations to explore and while I’ve been doing my best to keep going, I find it increasingly harder to decide on the next place. I’m cautiously optimistic, though, that I will get to see a large part of what Earth has to offer, before I permanently succumb to the comforts of my cushy couch.

I’ve always had the travel bug (I blame my parents for this) and even when working full time I did a decent job at regularly exploring unfamiliar territory. Nature has always been my most reliable provider of zen and peace. Still, I got professionally burned out and, in 2014, I decided to take a year off to regroup and find a new direction. I drove from Boston to San Francisco, flew to Hawai’i, traveled around Europe and South America, and caught up with friends and family here and there. When the year was over, I decided to continue to travel and photograph and write – full time.

Sometimes I am inspired by a visual element or a landscape and I go explore and then I write about what I saw and experienced. Sometimes I am pondering a practical topic and if I spent enough time on it I want to share the outcome. And every once in a while something random crosses my path and I’m interested or intrigued enough to examine it and write about it. A lot of my words and images reflect my passion for earth science and the natural world. I don’t work for a university or research lab anymore but my interests will always center around exploration and discovery. I want to share interesting stories that entertain but also inform.

Why There Goes Gravity, you ask? A couple of quirky reasons. As a geophysicist, I am fascinated by the most fundamental, yet elusive of forces. I follow what happens in the astrophysics world and it’s an exiting time, full of new ideas and discoveries.

Practically speaking though, have you ever experienced that feeling of floating, of being detached, of not quite belonging to this Earth? Sometimes something so surreal happens, something so out of our control, we dissociate from reality to cope with what’s going on… there goes gravity.

I am grateful for what I have and where I am. I’ve worked hard to attain a state of contentment by learning to appreciate and accept what is. Happiness is not always an easy commodity to attain. All too often it seems an ephemeral one, maybe too difficult to hold on to. I believe it’s the only thing that can sustain us and propel us forward in a peaceful manner. That and a good sense of humor. (I don’t know what I would do without the occasional dose of the Daily Show. It really helps to know there are like-minded people around.)

In a nutshell, I became a scientist because I need answers. I write because it helps me to better understand myself and to make sense of the world around me. I make photographs to document my experience of the world but also to share my interpretation of it.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you find what you came for and maybe you discover something new. Leave a note for the ever hungry inbox and I’ll know you were here.