About 2018

Another year that flew by. And again, I’m prefacing my sentences with “I can’t believe it’s …” (Fill in the year.)

The things I didn’t accomplish weigh heavy but I’m concentrating on the things I did do. I became part-owner of a 48 ft sailing catamaran, I’m back in college (maybe for a degree, maybe just to grow), I took over an art gallery and made it mine, and I finished renovating my house with the intent to sell.

I got a little bit of travel in, mostly to Eleuthera and the south-west. My big trip of 2018 to Angkor Wat had to be postponed for health reasons. Both Steve and I had to deal with some unexpected obstacles there but we’ve managed to resolve them and are looking forward to exploring south-east Asia soon.

And as we’re looking toward a somewhat unsure future filled with bizarre tweets and revelations, I hope we can all remember that our families, our friends, and our neighbors are there to give us stability and a sense of purpose and belonging. Something predictable and actionable. And if that is not enough, there are countless organizations that need volunteers to help spread truth and compassion.

I joined MERC (Monroe Emergency Response Corps) in the fall and CCL (Citizens’ Climate Lobby) towards the end of the year. My goal with MERC is to organize and empower my neighborhood in preparation of the next disaster–hurricane or otherwise–and to create a more resilient community. With CCL I’m hoping to help shape the future of the planet by influencing policy and educating the public.

Ours is a beautiful planet full of amazing creatures.


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Hi, I’m Carmen “Mica” Alex and this is my blog about science, traveling, life and anything else that’s interesting or beautiful.

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