On Becoming a Grain of Sand in Time (on the Colorado Plateau)

The first rays
Revealing the prism
Hazy ginger horizon, dusky cerulean
Rusty vermillion, muddy clay
Murky callous liquid, snaking along.And then a grain of sand
Itself being the symbol and the thing.

A shape shifter in time
Fundamentally indestructible
By law.

Will you reveal your journey?
What have you seen?
Where have you been?
Your arrival is timely at any rate.

A moment of reflection,
Me, Age, Earth, the Universe

You hold the knowledge of time.

Take me with you
Over the ravine
Down the river
Beyond the rim.

You’re the wanderer I long to be.

A torrent of eons
Has shaped your existence
But today you’re mine
To question, to query
Before the shadows become too long
And I lose your company.

But rest we must, it is well deserved
I dream of you
I wake to thoughts of you.

I open my eyes
And there you are again
Reflecting a new dawn
Brilliant, blinding,



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