The Oceans Swelter and the Coral Cook

Last July, a friend texted me that the sea surface temperature in Florida Bay had exceeded 100 degrees F. Three digits?? How did that happen? It’s an El Nino year, still, the water has never been that hot.

I contacted everyone I knew doing coral monitoring and restoration to see what exactly was going on. The reports were identical: The Florida Keys reef tract was under attack by an unprecedented heat wave that might turn out to be the final nail in the reef’s coffin. I found a number of news outlets that briefly reported on things, but this needed larger coverage.

As an Outdoor Writers Association of America (OWAA) member, I knew how to maximize my reach. The following is an article I wrote for OWAA’s Outdoors Unlimited magazine to share the current state of the Florida Coral Reef tract with its members.

Image of Page 1 of article on 2023 Coral Bleaching

Image of Page 2 of article on 2023 Coral Bleaching


Image of Page 3 of article on 2023 Coral Bleaching


Image of Page 4 of article on 2023 Coral Bleaching


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