Green Sea Turtle

Island of the Green Sea Turtles

Ancient reptiles, ocean dwellers, air-breathers, survivors… so many things describe sea turtles but none can capture the magic of meeting one in person. Or two. Or three or four…

I’d been told that the sea around St John was teeming with turtles. It was hard to imagine, though, after so many years of tracking them in the Florida Keys and the Bahamas. Generally shy and solitary, sea turtles don’t seek human company and prefer to keep to themselves–at a distance.

With one exception, because here, in the bays and coves of the Virgin Islands National Park, you spot turtles constantly. They are still shy. They still prefer to keep to themselves. But they don’t mind you peeking down on them, watching them munch on seagrass, float gracefully through the water, and come up, every once in a while, to breathe the same air that we need to stay alive.



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